Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I don't want to get political on you, but hey, I will anyway.

Remember when this bloke hijacked the election coverage

with his unbridled insanity and self importance? Remember how all the smart media commentators said sagely that it was a lesson to all Australians, how lucky we were to have not voted him into the top office, and how we as a nation had dodged a bullet.

Well let me be the first to say DUCK!!!!!!! STAY DOWN AND DON'T STAND UP TIL I GIVE THE ALL CLEAR!!!!!!! Because there is a new clown in town that will make Latham look quite sane and reasonable in his thinking and level headed in his approach to the public, the media and the world in general...

Katter is a strange and unhinged individual. And he will probably be after me now for saying that. He has a hair trigger and is known to get cranky about things often. I wouldn't want him holding me by the goolies, and that is exactly what he is doing to the nation now.

Three final words--new election now.

Why Bother?

This is the man that does most of Sydney's building inspections. That's right, Dopey has moved on from mining industry and is alive and well and working in the building pre purchase inspection game.

Regular viewers will know that I am soon to relocate to new digs, and as such have been going through the rigmarole of purchasing a house. This includes having the place inspected to ensure all load bearing curtains are in good nick and that I have not bought a house that I would be sharing with a colony of termites.

We employed the services of a pest and building inspector and received their reports a few days later in which he said there was no underfloor access and could not guarantee if the house was built on blocks of brick, cheese or otherwise and could not say if the house was being held up by a nation of termites or other such beasties.

This concerned me, so being the man of action that I am I contacted my own building inspector and arranged to meet him on site.

After being let in the door it took me one minute to find an access way to inspect below the house. One minute. Turns out it is all good below the floor, and with the house in general, although with a house with as much character as ours has, it will require some remediation works. But we knew that already.

But I digress---back to my original point--why is Dopey working in the building inspection industry? Why didn't he stay in mining? We poor purchasers place our trust and listen to the building inspectors opinion and in turn put money in their pockets, why can't they at least make an effort?

To the building pre-purchase inspector who inspected my abode, please get in the cannon, you deserve no less.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

$6,500 for WHAT!!!!!!??????????

From today's Rag

Tony Abbott will today offer a $6500 bonus for long-term young unemployed who can find and hold down a job for two years.

Spare me...oh spare me days!

I am going to ask you something very serious here and I want your honest opinion, no matter how much you think it will hurt me.

Am I an idiot? Am I slow on the uptake? Am I missing something that everyone else understands?

So the plan is you are rewarded for getting a job, Ok I have been working for most of my life, with part time jobs during school and constant employment since leaving school. Where is my $6500? I don't get it? Why don't I get $6500?? I have worked long and hard and realised that the rewards for working include being able to afford nice things, ownership of property, freedom knowing no-one owns you. We should reward those long term unemployed with a job and punish the bludgers. I don't want to get all right wing shock jock here but yet again, society travels even further off the path by rewarding incompetence.

I am so disillusioned.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday Spray

When I was an apprentice, times were tough. So tough in fact that I was paid in apple cores and used band aids, but I stuck it out as I knew that it was a building block, a stepping stone if you will for bigger and better things. Now I hear that apprentices are going to be given tax free cash as an incentive to stick out those rough years and see the trade course through. SPARE ME!!! Some apprentices are as useful as a pocket on a pair of undies, and that is why they are paid so poorly. They are good for fetching tools and taking lunch orders. And believe me, some have trouble working a broom

This is just another example of why we are in the position we are in, people expect everything to be easy, to be handed to them and to be subsidised by someone else. Get out there, do your time as an apprentice and work your way up to become a tradesman so that you can look at the apprentices and laugh at their lack of skills and poor pay. It's one of the few reasons I continue to front up on Monday mornings these days.