Friday, 12 August 2011


The roars are almost deafening as King Crack takes to the podium….

Well thankyou one and all for attending today. To quote my comrade, the one they call Maca; let's make this quick, I know we all want to get home to our families.

I stand before you today not only as your reigning despot and King for life, but as a proud Australian. Today we mark the 100th post to this great forum. We have laughed, we have cried. There have been defeats, and there have been victories. But through it all there has been an undeniable pushing back of the boundaries of public opinion, of tireless work in the hope that this little site can make a difference and change the way the world is seen. And most importantly, we have turned Toddles Carney around, and put him back on the cans, where we know he should be.

It was early in the morning, in the wee small hours earlier this week, when I was awoken by an unexpected phone call. It was Toddles who admittedly was ranting a bit, that will happen at 2am, who was out and about, kicking up his heels and cutting a rug no doubt.  He had called to extend a hearty congrats and thanks Crack. He knew the 100th was imminent and was unable to contain his excitement and was out early to celebrate. In tow he had Nate “The Crown Plaza Pooper” Myles and a Polynesian gent with as many letters in his name as he had functioning brain cells. They were toasting the great success that this forum is, and the good work it has done. Thanks Toddles, have one for me, and three for yourself.

I would like to thank my fellow participants who must still be on their fact finding mission in the bars and dancing halls of south east Asia, as we have heard nothing from them for an age. Hopefully both are well and hopefully they will pull the finger out and get some thoughts down soon as the burden of responsibility weighs heavily on my shoulders, and despite appearances, I cannot do this on my own.

And I thank you for reading. And I hope that this forum has helped you get through the daily grind, has opened your mind, and gave you something to read while you have lunch.

And I will leave you with this; keep left, buy your own beer, wash regularly and fly right. Good luck to the Wests Tigers for this years Winfield Cup and I’ll see you in church!! Bye bye!!!