Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Happy Oktoberfest!!

Too much happiness in one photo.
Hooray for everything.

How's THIS for entertainment!

I am furious. I am beyond reasonable thought, but I won't let that stop me from sharing with you my thoughts on this weekend's footballing contest between the St George Illawarra CHOKERS and the Eastern Suburbs ROOTERS, two teams who had to beat and cheat the mighty Wests Tigers on their way to the grand final (and no it is not a GF, it's a grand final. Stop shortening everything).

I may watch the game, I may not. It will all depend how many beers I have had on the day, but I do wish for one thing, and God, if you have never listened to my pleas before, hear me out on this one, cos I reckon you'll agree that this one is a good 'un.

Picture it, the teams line up, national anthem is sung, ball kicks off and the game gets underway, then, just before half time, just before the Pancho Riccardo Dancers hit the field adorned in spandex for the half time good time my dream is that a meteorite falls from the sky and crushes both teams, and then, and this is the beautiful part of my dream, it bounces and hits Toddles Carney again! Brilliant!!
Both teams eliminated forever, half time good time continues unabated, Tigers avenged, Toddles and Fire-up Gaz gone, all is good with the world. Win-win-win-win-win! I can't wait for Sunday arvo now.

Every man must have a dream, and for the moment, this is mine.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Stop It NOW!!!

Lunch Shops: I reckon this one could be a little bit too fancy as well...it's got a ceiling fan!

Do you realise the difference between an industrial area lunch shop and an industrial area cafe. Double prices, that's what. Just cos you make something look all high class and snooty whilst serving up the same greasy food, but now incorporate salad as an option, you can double your prices. I don't want salad and a double soy latte. I want food, cheap and fatty and fast.

Some things don't need changing. Lunch shops in industrial areas certainly don't.