Tuesday, 12 June 2012

You Didn't Win, But Good Effort

There was a game of footy on recently and it was my team The Tiges up against Maca's team from Canberra, The Green Menace aka Ragedrs aka the Canberra Raiders.  While my Tiges have found some form, Canberra has not, and I was asked if I was willing to give his team a few points start to make it interesting.

Well reader, I was GOBSMACKED!!

Why should I give his team, your team, anyones team a start?  This is what is wrong with the world, people getting starts.  If you cannot compete on a level playing field then get out of the way.  I suppose your team will want a little pennant at the end of the contest which says “You didn’t win, but you came second and you tried really hard, and that is what matters”?  Well you can forget that!  The world is a rough and tumble place and if you lose, it is gods way of saying you need to try harder next time.  A start?  A START?  You have given up before the game has even begun.  Lets just keep both teams kicking off with the scoreboard reading zero points a piece and take it from there.  Who ever has the larger number at the final whistle will win, without the leg-up of having a few points start.  Start…next you will be wanting opposition sides to play hopping on one leg or whilst wearing blindfolds.

Tiges went on to win 40-0, and I was there to witness it.  FORTY POINTS to the TIGES, ZERO POINTS to the RAGEDRS...it was a beautiful thing to see, and the issue of points starts was not mentioned again so I suppose it all worked out for the best.

And that's all I have to say about that.

"And when she was finished, she held the scissors up like this, and that is how I ended up with this prosthetic penis"

Monday, 4 June 2012

Origin 2011-Game One

I know it has been over for a few weeks but I have been unable to get my thoughts on paper as I have been laughing too hard at the comments by supposedly sane and level headed persons, many who work for The Rag, about how NSW 'wuz robbed again!', when in fact they just failed to score more points than QLD and according to my limited understanding of the game, that is what makes you lose.

The pre-grame entertainment?  Again diving as low as it could it brought out a young girl who couldn't hear the music and was thusly way off time.  When I saw the little red headed girl come out to sing the national anthem I realised that Melbourne has NO IDEA about the greatest game of all.

The game--I enjoyed it but two main things quickly:

1.The match was worth watching alone for the sight of Thaiday backing away from Pearce as Pearce gave it his all in the stink. Thaiday was not used to having a bloke square up front on, Sam usually sees the backs of the opposition jersey as he runs in three minutes late behind a wall of his own players. He is a cat.

2. Sons of Anarchy started again last night and it is a show I do enjoy, but it clashed with the Origin coverage. What to watch? It was a dilemma but Blues captain Paul Gallen made the decision easier for me when he asked Toddles if he would like to take a shot at goal, from forty meters out. Ha! Toddles should NEVER be asked his opinion on anything; he should be told what to do at all times and never be allowed to make a decision. We have seen what happens when he thinks for himself, Goulburn is still cleaning up.

I told you I have little understanding of the game and this post just proves it.