Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Crack's Travel Advice

Oh and another thing while I am here....just some travel advice for those of you interested in travelling to the country some refer to as 'The Land of Smiles', Thailand and specifically Bangkok (Krung Thep as the locals know it) and surrounds--if you get crook head over to BNH Hospital on Convent Road in Silom. They have some of the nicest nurses in the world and the care there is second to none.

Just avoid using the terms 'pooing like a pigeon', 'sh**ting through the eye of a needle', 'got a case of the squirts' or "got the trots' when describing such ailments. It only confuses them and embarrasses you as you try and explain what you mean. They are professionals. Just say diarrhoea and be done with it.

Don't ask me how I know this, but just trust me on it OK?

Kev, You Have Made A Very Dangerous Enemy Now......

KRudd, if you are truly serious about the enviroment stop bloody flying everywhere in a private jet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst I was overseas on a study tour of Bangkok's outer suburbs which included my much lauded visit to the fine institution that is the BNH Hospital (or Benson and Hedges Hospital as I liked to call it) Kev Rudd decided to come out and pick a fight. With me. While I was away. The spineless little Maoist.

In his speech to the Lowy Institute he said "these do nothing climate change sceptics are prepared to destroy our children's future." End quote.

I will ask that members of my family and those offended by harsh language not read the next paragraph...

Kev, you pustulous giggly little nancy boy. Get your freakin hands up. You are about to meet my two friends, pain and misery! You are an alarmist chicken little of the highest order who has earned my undying contempt. A pox on your village of idiots and all who reside within its walls. May locusts destroy your crops and may wild goats dine on your nether regions.

I don't want a tax based on a theory, a theory which is discredited by recently leaked emails from the institute that issued the theory. I would like balanced debate and evidence of the claims. I would like those that believe the theory to cease labelling those that don't child haters, destroyers of the future, infidels and fools. I would like to see why taxing us on one hand and then subsidising the effects of the tax is a solution. I would like to know what we will do when the manufacturers move to China, to Africa, to India where these exploitive taxes and policies will not stop them producing, where the government is more realistic about things.

To say that I want to harm the most precious thing in my life, my first born, The Kamolchonok, is insulting and absurd.

We are a tiny nation, we contribute four fifths of three eighths of bugger all to the worlds pollution. We pass this policy and we will be the laughing stock of the world. The only job fit for Kev in the UN after this is as court jester.

Kev, you can pick on me, laugh at me and call me names. But do not tell me I am willing to harm my child. That is alarmist, it is a losers last retort and it is as false as the science you base your climate change ideology on.