Monday, 26 October 2009

A Good Judge of Character

I have nothing to really say except I liked the picture.
What a guy...GO KEV!!!

New Contender For Father of the Year

What happens when country cousins kiss.......

Wayne Carey, former VFL great has released a book about why he is to be pitied rather than laughed at for being the fool he is. Apparently not everyone is too happy about it.

From todays Herald Sun....

'THE father of fallen AFL star Wayne Carey has furiously denied his son's claims that he was a violent alcoholic who beat his wife and children and threatened to kill them. The former boxer and rugby league player said he was penning his own book that would expose his son as a liar. "I know all about it. I don't care what he says," Kevin Carey said. "I'll be coming back against all that. I'm writing a book of me (sic) own. So f**k off," he said. '

What is he writing it with, a thumbnail dipped in tar? The foul language is nothing to be shocked at, apparently that's how he signs off all conversation.
With such command of the English language it is sure to be an enlightening read and a book I can heartily recommend sight unseen. Look at the man!! How could his opinions not be worth listening to?