Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tainted With Fear

Recently heavy rains visited my abode and flooded parts of the neighbourhood...

Maca: So no evacuations for you? The news down here pretty much said your suburb was like Atlantis.

Crack:  Well it wasn't quite Atlantis, but it was very wet.  There have been evacuations in the 'hood, some houses about 500m away were evacuated last night as the Golf Club course went underwater.  

I had to make a mercy dash last night to the shops (we ran out of ice cream) and I took Jungle Girl with me.  She wanted to see some of the flooded areas and go through some puddles, so we did that.  I drove through one massive puddle to find the road had given way to a massive hole and nearly speared the truck into a fence.  Scared the hell out of both of us and we agreed to no more driving through floodwaters.

Maca: I imagine you and Jungle Girl driving home in complete silence until you pull into your driveway where you say "how do you feel about not mentioning this to mum?"

Crack:  It was a bit like that.  There was some nervous laughing immediately after it happened and then silence.  When we arrived home her exact words were, "Daddy, thanks for taking me for a drive but I don't think we should drive through the water anymore."  At dinner she was asked how the drive was and Jungle Girl replied "It was good.  Nothing exciting happened."  Which was right, because nearly totalling your car with your first born aboard is more terrifying than exciting.

I didn't have any of the ice cream either.  I think it may be tainted with my fear.

It's OK.  It's only a little bit wet, we'll be out of this in no time, 

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