Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Daughter and Her Area 51 Connection

Every week we get an email from my daughter’s preschool telling us what an amazing time they all have there.  Last week they told us that they discussed UFO’s with the kids and talked about where they come from, which makes me think I have sent my child to a preschool run by The Illuminati.

Today I get the email and this is what they did today

“Today the Caterpillar class went outside, we seized the day with lots of fun activities to do outside and in the sun.
After a lot of fun in the sun we came inside and Miss Ally read our favourite SPACE book.
Miss Ally read that rockets go to space, aliens live in space and that we need a rocket to fly to the moon and all the planets.
Miss Ally also named all the planets, unfortunately Pluto is no longer a planet so we did not discuss that one.”

I am turning up there this afternoon and demanding to know what they know about alien life forms and what connection Happy Kingdom Childcare has with Area 51 and the CIA.  I will also be debating the merits of leaving Pluto off the list of planets. 

I am sure they are grooming my child for a flight to Mars.

I am also sure they said “unfortunately Pluto is no longer a planet so we did not discuss that one” just to spite me.  They know how much it riles me up.  They are spoiling for a fight, and by god I will go toe to toe with every single preschool teacher there.  Look for me in the papers tomorrow.

NASA approved spacesuit as retailed by Happy Kingdom Childcare 

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